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Devan and Te-a Hudson are husband and wife freight agents and owners of Hudson Freight, which is a freight broker agency and sub-agency program. Over the past few years, the couple has managed to grow their freight agency business to profits of 100K per month, without actually owning a freight brokerage!

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Devan and Te-a are freight agents. With this business model, they are signed on as independent agents to a parent brokerage company leveraging the resources and back office. In other words, Devan and Te-a are able to focus completely on brokering. They do not carry the cost or liability of a traditional freight broker, while still being able to serve their customer In the same way and maximize profitability because of the low overhead. The sales profit are split between them as agents and the broker and paid out as a commission.

The story.

This business model attracted Devan initially because it was a frictionless entry point into freight brokering. The systems and network are all in place allowing the freight agent to focus on “brokering”.

Today, Devan and Te-a have expanded their business,  offering opportunities to partner with other motivated people looking to get into freight brokering.  Their sub-agent program will train you and give you access to the Hudson freight network allowing you to make an income under their tutelage and guidance.

This show was definitely fun and packed full of nuggets. Hear about how this young couple grew their business from a couple $100 dollars a week to 100k a month. You definitely do not want to miss this one!

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