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Do you intend to obtain information about Affordable DSLR Camera Nikon Collections?

In this video I explain how I put together a pretty cheap but complete lens collection AND a digital slr camera by buying used.

I got all this stuff on ebay and it was cheap. In the video I’ll show you:
Nikon D100 DSLR
Series E 100mm 2.8 Lens
28-80 AF-G Lens
80-200 AF-D Lens

I messed up when I took the example photos, so I’ll have to show those in the next video, but I can tell you that the cheap, old, used lenses gave great results. Even on the used camera, you can get quality results at a really low cost.

The Nikon D100 “only” has 6 megapixels, but if you compare results from that with the modern cameras, it holds up well. For the kind of typical use most of us amateurs have, you’d find it hard to tell which camera or lens took which photo.

This doesn’t do any kind of video, but at this price so what? The entire camera and lens collection cost less than the cheapest entry level Canon DSLR. For most people, you’d never need another lens if you had the collection I show in this video.

If you have specific needs for your photography then sure, a newer camera might fit the bill. But if you can’t afford the latest, greatest, newest model, there is a LOT of life left in the older models. You can pick up some of those older models very, very cheaply.

Although I bought these lenses purely to do this set of review videos, I like the manual Series E 100mm so much as a portrait lens that I may keep it. The rest of the equipment I will be selling on ebay and I expect to make my money back.

With a well worded ad and some good example photos, I might even make a little more than I paid. I’ll do an update on that after I’ve sold them. I’m going to be using them all for a few more weeks to get some example photos so there will be more videos in this series.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments!

You can view the full specifications for this camera at:

I think the original price of this camera in 2008 was £2,099 – wow!
Image size is 3026 x 2018 (6.11 megapixel)
ISO 200 to 6400
Modes: Program, Shutter, Aperture and Manual

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